WarHammer 40k Build + Paint - Space Ork Trukkboys

Games Workshop


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The alien Orks of the far future are a persistent and deadly enemy of the human Imperium. The mainstay of the Ork armies or warbands are the Boyz - tough warriors who live for battle. They fight with sturdy guns or in close combat with big choppas. When the Ork war cry - the Waaagh! - rises, the Boyz take to their Trukks and speed manically towards the enemy, guns blazing!

• 1x Ork Wartrukk
• 4x Ork Boyz
• 1x Paintbrush
• 1x Plastic Glue
• 4x Citadel Paints
• 1x Sticker Sheet

Warning: Adhesive May Be Harmful By Breathing Vapours - AVOID INHALATION

Warning: Flammable Liquid And Vapour - MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS OR DIZZINESS