WarHammer 40k Build + Paint - Space Marine Speeder Strike

In the nightmare world of the far future only the superhuman Space Marines stand between human civilisation and its destruction at the hands of vile alien foes. Space Marines have been surgically and genetically modified to be the ultimate warriors. The anti-gravity Land Speeder is a marvel of ancient technology - in flight it is fast and agile and its robust armour protects its crew.

This larger kit includes a full-colour battlemat for you to display your collection as they prepare for war!

• 1x Space Marine Land Speeder
• 1x Ammo Supply Dump
• 1x Paintbrush
• 1x Plastic Glue
• 4x Citadel Paints
• 1x Sticker Sheet

Warning: Adhesive May Be Harmful By Breathing Vapours - AVOID INHALATION

Warning: Flammable Liquid And Vapour - MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS OR DIZZINESS